Meet The Team

Who makes up the Pindividuals team?

All of you guys, in the Pindividuals community of course!

Outside of that obvious answer,

There's us: A pair of Connecticut based lesbians hoping to get as much original & unique art into as many homes across the world as possible!

Administratively inclined? Gabrielle.

Artistically inclined? Shannon.

Shannon pumps out the good stuff & Gabrielle makes it happen!

That's not to say that the each baton isn't passed between the two of us here and there, as we both continue to create, build and produce on ALL fronts of what makes Pindividuals, Pindividuals.

We're both 100% agreed that neither of us could do what we do here without the other to tip the scale; Even more so without the foundation we've built in all of you guys in this little Pindividuals community.

Shannon(left) & Gabrielle(right)

Shannon & Gabrielle